Thursday, September 3, 2009


And he has nothing to do with this post but since Marko liked the reference to The Jerk I figured I'd stick with it. Ok, so I need a crit, I flatted the lineworks from my last post and am still a little unsure of them as finals so I did some stuff to different ones and am calling on you, the great unwashed masses of people that stop by my blog to point me in the direction I should go in. If you're not any kind of artist or creative, that's fine, give me your honest opinions and I'll work them into my course of action. Ok so, The work...

Okay, I'm starting with the dog, This one needs a complete color makeover, I think. The only parts I'd like to keep are the brick red shirts and the Jen Mundy-esque sky. I also kind of like the effect of subtle gradient shading and may end up shading the series that way (if at all).

pretty happy with this one, I think I'm definitely gonna work colored linework into the rest of the series, Sorry Yuko.

This one could benefit from a color re-work too, it was converted from CMYK and it's a little more washed out then I remember.

I think this one is working pretty well but I'd like to add kind of a fire light look to the whole thing.

This one is a little problematic, I think the colors are okay, except for the dark windows and the brown, ochre that'll probably get cut but I'm pretty pleased with the rest. The mask is going be kind of glowing from within as well.

And finally, I'm a little worried that this one is kind of color overload. I'm pretty happy with it but maybe it could be toned down a little. Also, the shading method here is a little less then pleasing for me and I'm leaning more toward gradients.

Alright, you have your mission, don't hold back, if you ever wanted to curse me the fuck out now would be the time...

Rappenin's what's happenin'